New Mexico:  Ahead on Sun.  Behind on Solar.


Solar in New Mexico

Solar for everyone

  • Large solar farms make solar affordable for everyone.  These farms bring economies of scale so they produce electricity more cheaply than individual, rooftop solar units.
  • Having more large solar farms means everyone can benefit from solar energy, from working families to small businesses. 
  • All solar is good – but let’s not leave anyone out.  Solar farms can provide affordable solar electricity for everyone. 
  • This is why we support state policy that encourages the continued growth of solar. 

New Mexicans aren’t receiving full benefits of our sunshine

  • There’s no shortage of sun in New Mexico – we are one of the sunniest states in the country.  With lots of sunshine, we have enormous potential for affordable solar energy.
  • New Mexicans are not getting full advantage of our sunshine.  We have almost twice as many sunny days as New Jersey – But cloudy New Jersey ranks number four in solar while New Mexico ranks 13th.
  • We need more solar in New Mexico – of all types.  But the best way to ensure all New Mexicans have access to affordable solar are large solar farms.

We support all energy resources

  • New Mexicans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions supports using all of New Mexico's energy resources, including renewables, oil, gas, coal and hydro.  It's unwise to put all of our eggs in one energy basket.  Alternate energy sources like solar, wind and other renewables will help us increase the use of American resources.